Standard Services


You will have confidence that you are working with a professional when you experience the level of skill and experience our videotape technicians bring to the deposition.

Each and every one of our videotape technicians is certified by the National Court Reporters Association with the designation of Certified Legal Video Specialist and has made a commitment to invest in their profession by participating in ongoing educational opportunities to stay abreast of changing trends in technology. They use the latest in video technology including high-quality digital cameras, individual lavaliere microphones for the witness and each attorney and professional backdrops to ensure visual continuity.

EveryWord will encode your deposition video into a MPEG1 format, and at your request can synchronize it with the transcript for easy review, annotations, and creation of clips. Our final deliverables can be imported in your trial presentation software or used with software that we provide for easy playback in the court room.