Advanced Services

Off-site Depo Participation

Participate in a deposition from anywhere in the world. You, your paralegal, your client, your expert and your war room can participate in the deposition even if they are not on site. All they need is an internet connection to participate. They have the choice of seeing the live transcript or they can also opt to see the live video (see figure 2). They in turn have the option of communicating back to the deposition via private instant messaging. Just ask for our streaming service on your next deposition.
View a demonstration.

remoteFigure 2

video trans

What advantages do you get from our streaming service?

  • Strengthens your presence at the deposition and flusters the opponent
  • Powers instant input from anyone connected to the group through private, secure, instant messaging
  • Enables every team member, even your clients, to observe the witness’ demeanor
  • Provides a way to discuss strategies and refine your approach when it matters
  • Delivers the benefits of seeing and hearing a deposition without the required travel expense, time and energy
  • No special software is required, but when using LiveNote SR, you have quick marking tools and walk away with a draft copy of the transcript