Advanced Services

Exhibits linked and video synced

OCR – Optical Character Recognition

  • We can convert scanned exhibit documents into fully searchable content with the OCR Engine embedded in the RealLegal Publisher™ production software
  • Documents that are OCR’d by us retain this OCR functionality when imported into other programs
    • Words from OCR documents automatically populate a Hyperlinked Word Index
    • Salient portions of OCR’d documents can be annotated just as easily as transcript text
    • The scope of search and annotation reports can include OCR’d documents


  • We create hyperlinks between transcript text and exhibit documents (OCR’d or not)
  • Click on text in the transcript to open the referenced exhibit in the provided free viewer
  • The viewer includes tools to search, rotate, zoom, etc. or quickly jump to keywords using the Hyperlinked Word Index
  • Review the exhibit in context

Everything from above, plus synced video

  • We can also synchronize deposition video to the transcript for you
  • Review transcripts while observing the demeanor of the witness
  • As the witness speaks, the corresponding text is highlighted on the transcript


File options: Your multiple transcripts, scanned and searchable documents, and synchronized deposition video can be formatted for you in one of two ways:

  • A LiveNote Evidence Form file will populate your LiveNote SR software with all the information related to the case
  • Publisher Bundles are self-contained bundles of all transcripts, exhibits and synced video related to a case. All viewing software is included, so this is a great option if you don’t use LiveNote software to manage evidence


File options: LEF (LiveNote Evidence Form) file
For LiveNote SR users

  • A simple import of a LEF file is all you need to populate LiveNote SR software with all related transcripts, linked exhibits and video
  • Maximize your ROI in LiveNote SR software – directly import final deliverables and receive realtime feeds (Remember: We can also provide LIVE transcripts and video right to your LiveNote SR software interface!)

File options: Publisher Bundle


  • No special software is required to open and use the Publisher Bundle file
  • Transcripts related to a case are listed on the left
  • Exhibit documents related to a particular case are listed on the right
  • Transcripts with synced video are check-marked under media
  • Exhibits which have been OCR’d are marked as well
  • From within a Publisher Bundle you are also able to save your content for import into other popular litigation and trial presentation programs


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