Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Scope of Services

We provide realtime voice-to-text services in a wide variety of educational and event settings. Those who benefit the most from CART are people of any age who are able to read at a fairly fast pace. We commonly provide CART to hearing-impaired or deaf clients who may be students in high school or college, business people interacting in business settings and meetings, attendees of conventions, conferences or meetings, attendees of religious services and events such as weddings, funerals, etc. Our services can be delivered in a very discreet manner or as a center stage, big-screen service and anywhere in between.

We also offer many innovative means to deliver the text. The CART provider does not have to be on site to provide the service. If you choose to have a provider on site, he/she does not have to be sitting next to the user. He can be anywhere in the room and send the text wirelessly to the user’s laptop. We can provide free software which enables the user to mark text quickly and easily, add their own notes, categorize, and even scan backwards. Upon completion (with approval of all parties) we can provide the text in a format that is searchable, printable, and one can very simply copy/paste citations.

We believe that our CART service is superior to other methods of speech-to-text translation in that it is the only service that provides the user with every word that is spoken and it is delivered in a method that can be used after the session to quickly and easily create accurate summarized notes.