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Digitally-signed E-Transcript files

Why we use E-Transcript files

  • E-Transcript files are 100% tamperproof so that you can feel confident about referencing them in court
  • Uses verifiable, secure RealLegal E-Transcript Signatures™
  • Use the free E-Transcript Viewer to print and review your E-Transcript file. Just open E-Transcript file with the same convenience of a PDF, but with far more security, software compatibility and format integrity
  • 100% page and line accuracy whether in the E-Transcript Viewer or imported into other software, unlike archaic ASCII files which are prone to shifting



  • E-Transcript files are signed and sealed with verifiable, electronic signatures
  • Hyperlinked Word Index
  • If synchronized to media, start video from toolbar
  • Copy/paste citations include deponent name, page/line location, date, etc.
  • Print full or condensed
  • Direct import into LiveNote (v9.1 and above) and other transcript and trial presentation programs

RealLegal E-Transcript